Thursday, April 12, 2012


LADIES & GENTS :) Hold on to your seats... You Aren't Going To Believe This. Okay going back to the beginning...Okay You with me so far? Okay, so worked on my 'Blogging' all morning, When Miss Liberty  im's me asking if I was going to the Styling Show...I knew about it, but after working so hard on the blog, I lost track of time... and EEEKS, Can we say 'Freak Out'  I've been so behind due to Easter still catching up, house guests who stayed too long... uggg, catch the movie coming anyhow, I thought hmmm Europe 'Beatles Immediately come to mind. I think we all love the 'Beatles' so I ran around the grid looking and oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it, I couldnt find so.. I thought hmmm I bet UK Couture would have something with at least the jacket... and thank goodness they did, but wasn't as close to what I wanted but...the time omgosh its 11:30, Click 'BUY' Okay now had an idea for hair go for a BOB type hairstyle. Hmmm, run to Vanity they will have it...and well it worked okay. I would have found more such as a tie but wow I ran out of actually wasn't funny at Well isn't this just peachie I just lost wifi...I can't believe it... I just can't believe it... Whew, finally back online and inworld..Okay gotta change fast... I have 20 minutes now. Oh My Word... and I should have known.. My Dog looking up at me wanting outside...oh my gosh.... run lets go... hurry hurry.... hurry.. lol. Well. okay dog pottied Im dressed notecard is done.. 'Lights Out' I loose Internet again while waiting back stage..oh my gosh...can we say 'CrAzY'. Oh my gosh now its my turn... here we go... my 'Dot Stopping' practise better pay off...hehehe. Okay so I finally get the formation correct, and got a few and here's where you should sit down probably... I won second. I was and still am in shock. I had to read it twice then even a third, kept thinking 'No Way' How? But I did and am so amazed, after all that something did payoff... Thanks to everyone and Ms. Liberty You Rocked it GF. I missed having my two buds there Sara and Nickie you were missed:) I was so happy to see all my fav teachers there too:) And this goes Im sure without saying. Couldnt have done this without You both:) Thank You! To Anrol & Steve:):)

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  1. Woohoooo way to go Danni!!!! I'm so proud of you, see I knew you would nail the formation :) Yay for Danni!!